Timber Cladding offers an attractive and very durable exterior finish for buildings.  It is environmentally friendly, sustainable and also provides good thermal insulation.

Timber cladding is becoming increasingly popular amongst architects and designers for both major commercial buildings and smaller domestic properties. At Ramsay Timber, we stock a range of high performance cladding profile designs.  Our in house cutting and milling services offer a range of standard profiles and our bespoke service is always available to meet the most demanding of specifications.


What we recommend…

We have several timber species available that we recommend to use for cladding. These include Western Red Cedar, Siberian Larch, ThermoWood and Iroko. We carefully select all our timber to ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality at the most competitive prices.

Our experienced Sales team will happily assist in selecting the most suitable timber for your project, including preservative and fire protection available.

timber being cut

Laying styles

As we have our on-site milling plant we are able to machine our customers own bespoke pattern. However, the most common laying styles when cladding are –

Tongue & Groove

This profile has a flat face and can be machined with or without a groove.

See patterns – RTC01, RTC02, RTC6, RTC07, RTC08, RTC09

Feather Edge

Boards are tapered across their width.

See pattern RTC03


The boards have a shaped front face and profile so that the top of each board fits behind the bottom edge of the adjacent board.

See patterns RTC4 and RTC05

Square Edge

This has a uniform thickness and plain in design.