What is Laminated Timber?

By bonding together individual laminations of solid timber you will produce laminated/engineered timber. This generates a cross-section that is larger and longer than may well be obtained simply by sawing a normal log. It is readily available, extremely reliable and very adaptable in design.

engineered timber

What We Do

Here are Ramsay Timber we offer a bespoke laminating service. This service is a fantastic option when the section you require isn’t commercially available in one single board. Typical examples of this would be stairparts, door/window parts and also worktops.
Our laminating press is on-site, which enables us to offer so much flexibility and choice, also we have most timbers in stock to do the job.

Once the timber is laminated we can then complete the process by machining your product to the exact specification you require.

Items we produce include:

• Stairparts
• Door components
• Window Sections


When laminating softwood we expect the moisture content to be around 15% – which we do check. This will increase and/or decrease dependent on the conditions on installation.