We can offer Protim Pre-Vac, Tanalith, Priming and Lacquering Services.


Preservation Treatment

To ensure the longevity of all exposed wood products, preservation is essential. Treatment protects against the three main enemies of timber – rot, decay and infestation.

At Ramsay Timber, we offer a number of treatments to prevent infestation and protect the timber. These include the organic preservation system Osmose Protim®. Protim® is an organic based preservation system for wood, pressure treated for use in construction projects that require protection to use Class UC1, UC2, UC3 such as roof timbers, timber framing, internal and external joinery and other internal and external timber projects that are above dpc/ground level. When using Protim® in external applications it will need to be treated with a suitable external coating and be maintained in service.

  • Our treatments preserve and prolong the working life of our products.
  • Some items are stocked ‘pre-treated’ to minimise lead times.
  • Fire retardant treatments are now available.

Priming and Lacquering

We have an excellent service available. Please contact the office for further details