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KD Hemlock Hemlock, scientifically known as Tsuga, is a softwood tree native to North America and Asia. The tree can grow up to 50 metres tall, with a straight and cylindrical trunk. The heartwood of Hemlock is a pale brown colour, while the sapwood is a paler colour. The wood has a fine and even texture, with a straight and uniform grain. Hemlock is a popular choice for a wide range of applications due to its unique properties. It is commonly used for framing, sheathing, and general construction due to its strength, stiffness, and affordability. The wood is also highly receptive to stains and finishes, which allows it to be customised to suit a variety of design styles and preferences. Hemlock is a sustainable timber source, with forests being managed for selective harvesting to ensure future growth. The wood is readily available and affordable, which makes it a popular choice for both commercial and domestic applications. The wood is known for its strength and stiffness, which makes it ideal for use in construction and woodworking. Hemlock is also known for its excellent workability, as it can be easily machined, sanded, and finished to achieve a smooth surface. The wood is also highly receptive to glue and can be nailed or screwed with ease. The wood is known for its stability and resistance to warping, which makes it ideal for use in construction and woodworking. One of the unique features of Hemlock is its durability, which makes it suitable for use in exterior applications. The wood contains natural preservatives that make it resistant to decay and insect damage, which can help to extend its lifespan and reduce maintenance costs. Overall, Hemlock is a versatile and reliable softwood that is prized for its strength, stiffness, and affordability. Its unique properties make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, from framing and sheathing to general construction and woodworking. Hemlock wood can have two significant flaws: its lower natural durability, making it more susceptible to decay and insect infestation, and its tendency to split or check when exposed to changes in moisture and temperature.
Category Softwoods / Softwoods Including Clears Botanitcal Name Tsuga Heterophylla Origin Clear Grade Softwood Uses General construction, roof decking and plywood. Firmly established as an outstanding wood for mouldings and is also used for interior woodworking. Other uses include: doors, windows, interior finish, floors, suspended ceilings, ladders, and other purposes where a high-grade softwood is needed
Density 500 kg/m3 Colour Pale Brown with darker coloured bands Grain Straight Texture Course and uneven


2" x 4" Only VG 2" x 6" Only VG 3" x 6" + Wdr 4" x 4" Only
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